Dealing With Parkinsons Disease

///Dealing With Parkinsons Disease

Dealing With Parkinsons Disease

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Parkinson’s disease currently affects over 10 Million people worldwide from all walks of life, it affects men and women of any age but usually the most common age is between 50 and 70 years. Currently there is no cure for this disease but that does not mean it’s the end of the world…this new guide will share the secrets to continue living life to the full with PD

But with so much information for the beginner to digest on Parkinson’s Disease it can be a difficult job sorting it all out. Knowing what the therapy entails, the medications available, potential side effects and how to use it for the consumers individual needs, it has become more of a mission that people are trusting to Doctor Google or marketing campaigns rather than making an informed decision on their own.

Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what PD is or what it entails, within the guide you will discover everything you need to know when dealing with this disease, including learning the stages of Parkinson’s, nutrition & exercise, common therapies & medications as well as alternative treatments and much more

Here’s Exactly What You Get In The Guide:

  • Chapter 1 – Overview Of Parkinson’s
  • Chapter 2 – Just Been Diagnosed…Now What?
  • Chapter 3 – The 5 Stages Of Pakinson’s
  • Chapter 4 – Common Medications
  • Chapter 5 – Understanding Nutrition & It’s Role
  • Chapter 6 – Exercise & Parkinson’s
  • Chapter 7 -5 Steps To Living Better With Parkinson’s
  • Chapter 8 – Alternative Treatments & Therapies
  • Chapter 9 – Tools & Resources
  • Much More

10 Video Training + 10 Audio lesson


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