Hypertrophy Manual – The Secrets of Muscle Growth, Strength, Healthy Diet

///Hypertrophy Manual – The Secrets of Muscle Growth, Strength, Healthy Diet

Hypertrophy Manual – The Secrets of Muscle Growth, Strength, Healthy Diet

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Discover The Secrets To Muscle Growth, Supreme Strength And Maintaining a Healthy Diet! In This Course, You’ll Find Out How To Build Muscle More Effectively!

Building muscle is at once very simple and simultaneously incredibly complicated. If that sounds like something of a frustrating contradiction… well then get used to it! As you learn more about growing muscle and getting jacked you’ll find that almost all the information you come across only makes things more complicated and more difficult. Everyone has a different opinion and no-one seems able to agree on what the best way to get into powerful shape actually is.

When you start out though, it all seems very straightforward. In order to grow, you need to exercise more and eat more protein. When you do this, you start to build more muscle and you see yourself constantly increase in strength. If you aren’t seeing any growth or strength gains, then it might well simply mean that you aren’t going to the gym regularly enough, or working out hard enough when you are there!

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While we can sometimes feel like failures when we keep stopping and starting on our new exercise regimes and when we seem incapable of sticking at them for longer than a few months at a time, the reality is that starting any new program will normally involve a stuttering start. You don’t just wake up one day and start training hard, it takes a while to find the right training program for you, to build up a basic understanding and to get into the habit of training each day.

But this report is here to change that. This is for all those who have been stopping or starting, or who have perhaps not been seeing the results they want to see. This is the answer to those questions and the solution to your training problems.The key is to understanding the science of why some training regimes work and others don’t and it’s to recognize the different types of training available to you so that you can go after the goals you want.But before we get into all that, we’re going to start with something that’s even more important: having the right attitude and the right goals for your training.

What you’ll discover in Hypertrophy Manual:

  • The difference between fast and slow twitch muscle fiber
  • The difference between ‘sarcoplasmic’ and ‘myofibrillar’ hypertrophy
  • How to combine different types of training to experience ‘athletic aesthetics’
  • Why both compound AND isolation movements are perfectly valid
  • How to train faster for better results
  • How to use the Joe Weider intensity principles
  • How to see growth even as a ‘hard gainer’
  • How to become incredibly lean and ripped, even as an endomorph
  • How to work out your ‘training philosophy’
  • How to choose a fitness movement that works for you
  • …and much, much more!

Here’s What You Receive In Hypertrophy Manual Training:

Video 1: Not All Strength is Created Equal

Video 2: Bodyweight Training

Video 3: Gym-based Training

Video 4: A Simple Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Video 5: Crossfit – Is It Fit For You?

Video 6: Stretching – Why It’s So Important

Video 7: HIT and TABATA Explained

Video 8: How To Hire a Personal Trainer

Video 9:  Paleo Diet Explained

Video 10: Creating Your Own Training Program

Below are the modules that you are about to get inside:

  • Module 01: Ebook
  • Module 02: Videos
  • Module 03: Sales Page
  • Module 04: Checklist
  • Module 05: Resource Cheat Sheet
  • Module 06: Mindmap
  • Module 07: 7-Day Autoresponder Series
  • Module 08: Special Report
  • Module 09: Optin Page
  • Module 10: Graphics
  • Module 11: Articles
  • Module 12: Email Swipes
  • Module 13: Social Media Images


FAST-ACTION BONUS #1:Point-By-Point Checklist

View or print this handy checklist so that you can check off each point.It is like a summary of the entire guide but in actionable, bite-sized points so that you can successfully get through the course.

FAST-ACTION BONUS #2: Resource Cheat Sheet

You’ll also get access to a rolodex of top sites, blogs, forums, tools, apps and services to get you even further. Inside you’ll find:

  • Top blogs and forums
  • Top tools
  • Top tips and how to’s
  • + more!


A quick glance over this mindmap and you’ll get an instant refresher of all the major points and action steps from the main guide.

Download And Start Playing These Videos Tutorials
Right From The Comfort Of Your Home!


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