The Right Way To Sell To Your List

//The Right Way To Sell To Your List

The Right Way To Sell To Your List

In days gone by you could send out sales emails continuously to your subscribers and you would make money. People were not on many email lists and there was an acceptance that you were informing them about products and services that would help them.

These days are well and truly gone. Nowadays people are members of many different lists and when something new is launched they will be notified by all of these list owners as well as you. All of the list owners are trying to make sales and the subscriber knows this.

Many people in the Internet Marketing world have interpreted this as the death of email marketing. This is ridiculous and it isn’t true. It just means that you need to take a different approach.

For some of those Internet Marketing gurus that have extremely large lists sending out lots of sales emails may still work. If you are relatively new to email marketing then it is unlikely to work for you.
In the old days people subscribed to lists didn’t have a lot of choice and accepted being constantly sold to. They will not tolerate this from you. If you keep sending sales emails to your subscribers they will always have their guard up and you will increase the chances of them unsubscribing.

Soft Sell By Linking

You need a different approach to get your emails opened now. Most people skim their emails and will only open a few of them so you need to get creative to ensure that they open yours. Blatant sales emails are not creative.
Don’t just suddenly switch your approach. If you have been sending great advice and information to your subscribers then don’t just suddenly send blatant sales emails. This will destroy trust that you have built up with your subscribers and make you look desperate. If you do this then most of your subscribers will stop opening your emails.

A lot of list owners resort to sales emails because they don’t know what else to do. It is not rocket science to use a different approach but it will take a little bit more time and effort. As an example if there is a new email marketing product being launched that you know will benefit your subscribers then send them an email about how you solved an email marketing problem.

Tell your subscribers about your problem in detail and how you overcame it. Tell them that it took a long time and a lot of hard work to solve it. Then introduce this new product and explain how easy it all was and the time and effort that you saved.

Remove the Hype

Avoid hype at all costs in your emails. With soft selling you are recommending something and not selling it. Don’t use hyped up phrases such as “you must get this now before it’s too late”. Just introduce them to the product and ask them to check out a video or read further about it with a link in your email.

Sometimes new products have bonuses for early buyers or there may be a time limit on the launch. Don’t over hype this but point it out in your emails. You will get good at this soft selling approach the more that you practice. Remember that it is all about trust and providing value.

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